About Us

Sennheiser at a Glance
Innovation and expertise - these are the hallmarks of one of the world's leading electroacoustics companies. From individual audio products all the way to complete system solutions -Sennheiser electronic has the knowledge and the experience to set the tone on the constantly developing audio market...(more)
Research & Development
Sennheiser is expanding its position as a global player in the world of electroacoustics by further developing acoustic technologies and creating innovative products based on these developments. At Sennheiser, engineers have ample leeway for creativity and performance potential...(more)
Production and Procurement

Sennheiser has production locations worldwide in order to meet the special needs of the respective markets. Modern forms of cooperation ensure productivity and boost employee motivation. State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and streamlined logistics processes permit further optimization...(more)
Business Areas
Sennheiser is active in seven business areas: Music Industry, Consumer Electronics, Professional Systems, Aviation/Automotive, Audiology and Communication Systems as well as in the field of Telecommunications/Computers through a subsidiary.

Founded as - Laboratorium Wennebostel - (Labor W) by Professor Dr.-Ing. Fritz Sennheiser in 1945, the company's nearly 60 years of history are marked by successful product innovations, prizes and awards from...(more)